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Alexander Wolszczan

April 21

2002 - A Sun eruption on this date provided an excellent opportunity for a large suite of instruments on the SOHO, TRACE and RHESSI spacecraft to gather data that could be compared to the Lin & Forbes model of CMEs.  "TRACE and RHESSI observed the initiation of the eruption and the UVCS instrument on SOHO observed the event above the surface in the region of peak acceleration. Its observations provided direct evidence of the hot gas identified with the current sheet predicted by the Lin & Forbes model. This is the strongest evidence yet that the Lin & Forbes model is an accurate description of how CMEs are produced."

1999 - The UoSat-12 spacecraft is launched, a technology-demonstration platform  by Surrey Space Technologies, Ltd. (SSTL), UoSat-12 contains three onboard processors, four RF transponders, two onboard LANs, and a number of instruments, including a multi-spectral image scanner. 

1994 - The first discoveries of extrasolar planets are announced by astronomer Alexander Wolszczan
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