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David Leestma
David Leestma

May 6

1949 - Birthday: Born in Muskegon, Michigan, David Cornell Leestma. Veteran of three space flights, Leestma has logged a total of 532.7 hours in space. Selected to become an astronaut in 1980, Leestma served on the crews of the Challenger, the Columbia, and Atlantis.

maple leaf1918 - Dominion Astrophysical Observatory first spectrum of a star was recorded. Only one week after the mirror's arrival by horse train this `first light' saw the new Observatory at last come into full operation as the largest telescope in the world.
Victoria, BC, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 1918
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 1918 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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It is my conclusion that human evolution and the motions of matter in space are intrinsically linked. The observation and understanding of the complexity of biological history on Earth cannot be complete without the tandem observation and understanding of a dynamic greater cosmos. - SpaceGene