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Gravity discovers double star
Gravity discovers double star

sts-54 mission patch
STS-54 Mission Patch

January 13

2016 - GRAVITY discovers new double star in Orion Trapezium Cluster. “First fringes” as the milestone combination of lightbeams from four different telescopes interfered and fringes were formed and recorded in Chile at ES0's VLT. eso1601

2003 - Nearest yet known Brown dwarf object, with a mass of 40 to 60 Jupiter masses, discovered less than 12 light years from our Sun. Known as Epsilon Indi Ba.

2000 - A new study by David Rabinowitz of Yale University with colleagues at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab estimated the potential Earth-crossing asteroids, greater than one kilometer diameter, has been reduced from 2,000 to about 700. If confirmed this knowledge would bring the risk factor down to one in two thousand.  

2000 - Lone Black Holes discovered adrift in the Galaxy.

1993 - Space Shuttle program: Endeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54 launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

1949 - Rakesh Sharma, Birthday. Indian pilot and astronaut
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Potential Incoming
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