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Earthshine -
sunlight reflected back
from earth to the moon: young moon reflected light.

May 13

2013 - CanadianCrew of Expedition 34, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, American Thomas Marshburn and Russian Roman Romanenko landed in a Soyuz capsule on the springtime Eurasian steppe south-east of the town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan at 8.31am local time. Just before departure Chris "Starman" Hadfield released his cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and it became viral within days.

1999 - SETI@Home launch. After several years of preparation the world's largest distributed computing project, for it's time, begins to use the public in the search for intelligent signals from space.  

seti at home logo

1910 - Comet Halley returns and Mt. Wilson Observatory gets a picture.


1733 - In an account of a solar eclipse, which he transmitted to the Royal Society, Bigerus Vassenius the Swedish astronomer, is the first person who makes mention of earthshine during totality. He asserts that with the telescope of 21 feet focal length, he perceived several of the principal spots on the moon during the total obscuration.
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