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Gemini 4 - First Space Walk

June 3

1965 - Astronaut Edward White II became the first American to leave the safety of his spacecraft and walk in space. The duration of his Gemini 4 extravehicular activity -- or EVA, NASA's term for "spacewalk" -- was thirty-six minutes.

1966 - Gemini 9 Launch, Commander, Thomas P. Stafford; Co-pilot, Eugene A. Cernan; Mission: space rendezvous, docking and EVA.

1769 - Captain James Cook observes the transit of Venus under the clear blue skies of Tahiti. He wrote in his journal "We very distinctly saw an atmosphere or dusky shade round the body of the Planet which very disturbed the times of the Contacts." This, and other widely scattered transit observations, determined the approximate distance of the Earth to the Sun.
Ed White EVA
Ed White EVA
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