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June 9

2008 - Cassini, Distant Flyby of Pan & Pandora

2002 - EVA STS-111-1 Crew: Chang-Diaz, Perrin. EVA Duration: 0.31 days. The astronauts installed the PGDF grapple fixture on the P6 truss, stowed some space debris shields on the PMA-1 adapter, and prepared the Mobile Base System (MBS) in the Shuttle cargo bay.

1995 - NASA Astronaut Training Group 15 selected.

1986 - The 255 page Rogers Commission Report is published. It was created by a Presidential Commission charged with investigaing the Space Shttle Challenger disaster, STS-51-L.

1812 - Johann Gottfried Galle's birthday, German observer who first saw Neptune. Galle is also noteworthy for having been Encke's assistant, and he's one of the few astronomers ever to have observed Halley's Comet twice.
Chang-Diaz Spacewalking
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