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ISS Exp 43
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June 11

2015 - ISS Expedition 43 Return to Earth in Soyuz TMA-15M, on a warm spring evening. Thumbs up all round. ASI-ESA S. Cristoforetti (Futura42), NASA T. Virts RSA A. Shkaplerov (Cmdr)

2004 - Cassini flyby of the moon Phoebe.

1867 - Charles Fabry born. French physicist who specialized in optics, inferometry In 1913, Fabry demonstrated that ozone in the upper atmosphere is responsible for filtering out ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. In 1913, Fabry demonstrated that ozone is plentiful in the upper atmosphere and is responsible for filtering out ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.

1723 - Johann Georg Palitzsch, Astronomer born in Germany. He became famous for recovering Halley's Comet on Christmas Day 1758.

1294 - Philosopher, Roger Bacon, surnamed DOCTOR MIRABILIS died at Oxford, England, perhaps 11 June, 1294. As a Franciscan monk working he studied reflection and refraction in mirrors and lenses and the use of single lenses for viewing distant objects. His "Speculum Astronomić", written in 1277 was considered heretical. He was imprisoned from 1281-1291 when results of his optical studies were condemned as witchcraft.
Johann Georg Palitzsch
Palitzsch born 1723

Roger Bacon
Roger Bacon dies 1294
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