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STS 91 Landing
STS 91 Landing

June 12

2004 A 1.3 kilogram chondrite type meteorite strikes the house of Phil and Brenda Archer, in Ellerslie, New Zealand, causing serious damage but no injuries.

1998 STS-91 landed at 18:00 GMT with the crew of Precourt, Gorie, Lawrence, Chang-Diaz, Kavandi, Ryumin and Thomas Andrew aboard.

1967 - Venera 4 (USSR) launched. Venus atmospheric probe. It arrived at Venus on October 18, 1967. It was the first probe to be placed directly in the atmosphere and to return atmospheric data. It was crushed by Venusian pressure before it reached the surface.

1843 - David Gill Birthday. Bruce Medallist 1900. He redetermined the distance to the Sun to such precision that his value was used for almanacs until 1968.
Ellerslie Meteorite lands on a couch
Meteorite lands on a couch.
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