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Werhner Von Braun
Werhner Von Braun

June 16

2000 - Landing of Soyuz TM-30 which undocked from Mir on June 15 followed by a safe landing at June 16 near Arkalyk in Kazakkstan. This ended the last human expedition to the Mir space station.

1999 - Asteroid 1685 Toro Closest Approach To Earth (0.757 AU)

1995 - The very first APOD Astronomy Picture of the Day.

1977 - Wernher Von Braun, German American Space Engineer dies.

1971 - Soyuz 11 Day 11 - fire aboard the station.

1963 - Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman ever to go into space, aboard the USSR's Vostok 6. Her solo flight is still unique. It would be twenty years later, on June 18th, 1983 before Sally Ride became the first American woman in orbit, aboard the Space Shuttle.

1961 - Fleming Committee Report Released: lunar mission could be accomplished within the decade.
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