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Zinnia aboard ISS
Zinnia aboard ISS by Scott Kelly

spitzer image
Spitzer Telescope Image

January 17

2016 - The first flower blooms in space aboard the International Space Station.

2005 - Intelsat Reports Loss of IS-804 Satellite due to an electrical power system failure.

2004 - A new image from NASA's Spitzer Telescope peeks at a massive stellar nursery.

1997 - GPS IIR-1 or GPS SVN-42, the first Block IIR GPS satellite to be launched, was destroyed 13 seconds into its flight due to a crack in the casing of solid rocket motor on the Delta II, which started to form at T+6 seconds and grew from there.

1997 Death of Clyde Tombaugh, American astronomer who discovered Pluto.(b. 1906)
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