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Mars Gullies NASA/JPL/MSSS
Gullies on the the wall of Crater Noachis Terra.

JW Christy
JW Christy discovered Charon

June 22

2007 - Edwards Airforce Base landing of STS-117

2000 - At a NASA press conference on scientists reveal indirect but "compelling" evidence that liquid water exists near the surface of Nine Planets Link. Gullies seen from the Mars Global Surveyor camera suggest that liquid water has seeped onto the Martian surface in recent geologic history. "Scientists estimate that each gully-making flood contained about 2500 cubic meters of Martian water. That's enough water to sustain 100 average households for a month or fill seven community sized swimming pools."

1978 - James Christy of the US Naval Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ discovered Pluto's satellite Charon, about which very little is known more than a decade later. Pluto itself was discovered in Flagstaff (at the Lowell Obs.) in 1930.

1973 - Landing of Skylab 2 (Kerwin, Conrad, and Weitz) at 13:49 UTC, after completing 404 orbits, travelling ~18,500,000km. The recovery ship was the USS Ticonderoga.

1675 - Founding of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

1633 - Galileo, after being interrogated and threatened with torture by the Church, recites the prescribed abjuration.

Wishing to remove from the minds of your Eminencies and of every true Christian this vehement suspicion justly cast upon me, with sincere heart and unfeigned faith I do abjure, damn, and detest the said errors and heresies, and generally each and every other error, heresy, and sect contrary to the Holy Church; and I do swear for the future that I shall never again speak or assert, orally or in writing, such things as might bring me under similar suspicion."

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