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gennady padalka
Gennady Padalka

June 28

2015 - 803 days accumulated living time in space for Gennady Padalka who, as of this date, has lived in space longer than any other human being.

2011 - NASA's Hubble Discovers Another Moon Around Pluto, temporarily dubbed P4.

1965 - NASA Astronaut Training Group 4 selected. The group was selected to provide scientist-astronauts for the Apollo lunar landing and Geocentric orbit space station missions. Qualifications: Doctorate in natural sciences, medicine, or engineering. Under 35 years old, under 183 cm height, excellent health. US citizen. There were 1,351 applicants. NASA planned to select up to twenty, but the quality of the applicants was considered so poor that only six were named. Of those, four would fly in space. Geologist Schmitt would walk on the moon on the last Apollo mission, and only after pressure from the scientific community. The other three would fly on Skylab.

1911 - Nakhla Meteorite stones fell to Earth near Alexandria Egypt. These 40 stones are later discovered to be from Mars. The origin of rocks that fall to Earth can be determined by chemical analysis, Mars rocks have similar composition. Flash rotation image here.

NASA Meteorite Image
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