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Messier 1
Messier 1 - the Crab Nebula

Pincipia Mathematica

July 5

1054 - A supernova is seen by Chinese, Arab, and possibly Amerindian observers near the star Zeta Tauri that is visible by daylight for 23 days and remains visible at night for another 633 days, an event recorded by pictographs in China and in the Western Hemisphere. For several months it remains bright enough to be seen during the day. Its remnants form the irregular gas cloud created by the supernova. It will be known by modern astronomers the Crab Nebula and Messier 1.

1687 - The publication date of Isaac Newton's Philosophić Naturalis Principia Mathematica, with his three famed laws of motion. Edmond Halley was instrumental in getting this work to press.
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