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Opportunity Launch Patch
Opportunity's Launch Patch
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Phobos at Mars
Artist's conception of Phobos at Mars

July 7

2015 - New Horizons snaps a picture of Pluto at 8 million miles and finds it's heart.
I heart Pluto

2003 - Mars Exploration Rover "Opportunity" is launched at 03:18 UTC. The spacecraft lands on Mars on January 25, 2004 and remains active to exceed its operating plan by 11 years (@ 2015). On March 24, 2015 Opportunity's marathon (26.219 miles) was celebrated as it became the Mars rover with the most distance traveled.

1988 - Phobos 1 (USSR) launched. Orbiter and lander were lost enroute to Mars due an error in  software uploaded on 29/30 August. Controllers failed to regain contact with the spacecraft during a communications session on September 2. The error resulted in a loss of lock on the Sun and the batteries were depleted when the solar arrays failed to remain turned to the Sun. 

1960 - Birthday, Kevin A. Ford, American Astronaut and Colonel, US Air Force, born in Portland, Indiana.  NASA Group 2000.  Missions: STS-128, Soyuz TMA-06M, Expedition 33, Expedition 34
8 million miles from Pluto flyby
8 million miles from Pluto

Kevin Ford
Happy Birthday, Kevin Ford
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