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Brown Dwarf Chandra observes
a brown dwarf

July 11

2012 - Astronomers announce the discovery of S/2012 P 1, the fifth moon of Pluto. On 2 July 2013, the IAU announced that it had formally approved the name of Styx.

2000 - The Chandra X-ray Observatory sees the  first-ever flare from what's known as a brown dwarf, or failed star. Chandra detected no X-rays at all from the object called LP  944-20 for the first nine hours of a twelve-hour observation,   and then the source flared dramatically before it faded away over the next two hours. Professor Gibor Basri of the University of California, Berkeley, was the principal investigator for this observation.

1979 - Skylab  impacted the Earth surface. The debris area stretched from the Southeastern Indian Ocean across a sparsely populated section of Western Australia.

1962 - Apollo: At a press conference, NASA announces Lunar Orbit Rendezvous as the means to land astronauts on the Moon, and return them to Earth.

1881 Birthday of Isabel Martin Lewis, American astronomer and author.
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