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buzz aldrin Buzz Aldrin
Happy Birthday

January 20

2016 - Caltech researchers find evidence of ninth planet moving in what they called a “bizarre, highly elongated orbit” in the outer solar system.

2010 - European Southern Observatory releases new picture of The Cat's Paw Nebula.

1999 - New Scientist reports Cataclysmic Explosions May Have Held Up Alien Visitors GAMMA-RAY bursts -- incredibly powerful explosions that may be caused by collisions between collapsed stars -- could solve one of the oldest riddles about extraterrestrial civilizations: why haven't they reached Earth already? After studying the effects of gamma-raybursts on life, an astrophysicist has concluded that aliens may have just started to explore their galaxies.

1930 - Birthday Buzz Aldrin. His first space flight  was in November 1966 as copilot of the earth orbital rendezvous mission Gemini 12 when he achieved a record 5.5 hour space walk. In July 1969, Colonel Aldrin, as part of the Apollo11 lunar mission, became the second man to set foot on the moon. His companions on the mission were Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong.

1573 - Simon Mayr's birthday, who observed the moons of Jupiter at nearly the same time as Galileo and gave them the Greek names in use today.
cat's paw nebula
The Cat's Paw Nebula 2010

comet mcnaught over australia
2007 - Comet McNaught over Western Australia

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