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peices of the Holbrook Meteorite
Pieces of the Holbrook Meteorite

July 19

1846 - Edward Pickering's birthday, pioneering American spectroscopist and Harvard College Obs. director from 1876 to 1919; this was the era of the introduction of photography in astronomy and the Harvard plate collection started during Pickering's tenure is still a valuable archival source of data.

1912 - A meteorite with an estimated mass of 190 kg explodes over Holbrook in "Navajo County, Arizona" causing thousands of pieces of debris to rain down on the town. The Holbrook stone arrived on Earth in spectacular fashion. The fall was heralded by a loud blast followed by smaller explosions and a protracted rumble which lasted roughly 2 minutes, in the early evening. Many fragments of the meteorite were recovered.
Edward Pickering
Edward Pickering
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