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SeaStar carries SeaWifs SeaStar carries SeaWifs

Genesis Rock
The Genesis Rock

August 1

1997 - A SeaStar spacecraft, developed by Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC), carrying the SeaWiFS instrument, was launched to low Earth orbit on board a Pegasus launch vehicle. The SeaWiFS instrument consists of an optical scanner and an electronics module which will facilitate the collection of ocean color science data.

she.pngCanadian Maple Leaf1905 - Happy Birthday, Helen Battles Sawyer Hogg, Canadian astronomer best remembered for her astronomy column in the Toronto Star from 1951 - 1981. She won the Annie J. Cannon Award in 1949, the Rittenhouse Astronomical Silver Medal in 1967 and the Klumpke-Roberts Award in 1983. In 1968 she was made an officer of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Companion in 1976. The asteroid 2917 Sawyer Hogg is named after her. She died in 1993.

she.png1818 - Happy Birthday, Maria Mitchell, the first woman elected as an astronomer to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Mitchell achieved worldwide fame for her discovery of a bright comet in 1847.

1971 - The crew of Apollo 15 finds the so-called Genesis Rock which proves to be a chunk of anorthosite, part of the original lunar crust and older than any Moon rock previously found.

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Helen Sawyer Hogg
Helen Battles Sawyer Hogg
wearing the Order of Canada

Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell
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