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Genesis Collector Array
A Genesis collector array consisting of a grid of ultra-pure wafers of silicon, gold, sapphire, diamond and other materials

sts-28 patch
STS 28 Mission Patch

August 8

2001 - Launch of the Genesis spacecraft aboard a Delta 2 rocket. Genesis was the fifth project in NASA's Discovery Program. It was the first ever attempt to collect a sample of solar wind, and the first "sample return mission" to return from beyond the orbit of the Moon. Don Burnett was the Lead Scientist.

Three years later, after a design flaw prevented the deployment of its drogue parachute, Genesis crash-landed contaminating many of the sample collectors. However, subsequent processing was able to isolate useful samples, and as of March 2008 all of the mission's major science objectives are expected to be achieved successfully.

1989 - STS-28 Launched. The fourth classified Department of Defense mission. 5 days, 1 hour, 0 minutes, 8 seconds.

1977 - Salyut 5, Russian Space Station, burns up in atmosphere. Launched on June 22, 1976 the station was occupied for 67 days.
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