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August 22

2005 - Cassini 7th Titan (T6) flyby at 3,669 kilometers above Titan.

Fred Hoyle2001 - Sir Fred Hoyle dies. British Astronomer, founder of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge. Best known for his contributions to knowledge about the evolution of the universe he coined the term "The Big Bang" although he disputed the theory. With Chandra Wickramasinghe he was co-proponent of "The Steady State Theory" and pioneered the "Panspermia Theory."  Honorary Professor at Cardiff Center for Astrobiology.
Fred Hoyle
(1915  - 2001)

2001 - STS-105, Discovery, lands at KSC at 2:23 EDT. 
Planned Image Coverage of Titan Flyby
Planned Image Coverage of Titan Flyby
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