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John Chapman
John Chapman

Ida and Dactyl
Images of Ida and Dactyl taken from Galileo spacecraft at 6,500 miles.

August 28

1999 - Russians Viktor Afanasyev and Sergei Avdeyev, and Frenchman Jean-Pierre Haignere depart MIR Space Station.  The newspaper Vechernaya Moskva reports that Avdeyev returns to earth with the record for most time spent in orbit, 742 days! This may be the last full time crew for MIR before she is retired and fated to fall back to Earth.

1993 - Galileo Flyby of Asteroid Ida and Dactyl.

Canadian Maple Leaf1921 - John Herbert Chapman's Birthday. The father of the Canadian Space Program and instrumental in initiating and directing the extremely successful Alouette/ISIS scientific earth satellite program.

1789 - Herschel's Discovery Of Saturn Moon Enceladus
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