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X-ray Images of Sun
The 12 x-ray images of the Sun's atmosphere, obtained between 1991 and 1995 at 120 day increments, provide a dramatic view of how the corona changes during the waning part of the solar cycle. The x-ray Sun appears completely different from the Sun we see in the sky.

August 30

2012 - NASA's twin Van Allen Probes launched aboard an Atlas V rocket at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Their purpose is to gather data on the two radiation belts that surround Earth and reveal details on the sunís influence on our planet.

1991 - Yohkoh, the Japanese-led international solar mission was launched  from Kagoshima Space Center, Japan.
" Designed and flown to address the how, the why, and the where of high energy processes on the Sun" -- Dr. Loren W. Acton

STS-41D Mission Patch 1984 - STS- 41D launched. First flight of Shuttle Discovery. Crew: Walker, Resnik, Mullane, Hawley, Hartsfield, Coats

First Night Launch 1983 - STS 8 - Challenger launch.  First night launch and first night landing of the shuttle. First African-American in space, Guion Bluford. Crew: Bluford, Brandenstein, Gardner, Thornton Bill, Truly.
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