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Coronal Mass Ejection
Coronal Mass Ejection

Happy Birthday and Happy Next Orbit Christa!
Christa McAuliffe

September 2

1993 - "For the first time since the dawn of the Space Age, the conditions that gave rise to space exploration have changed. Our presence on the space frontier began as a product of the Cold War, but that ideological struggle is now over. Cooperation will replace competition, and a new partnership in space between two former adversaries offers considerable economic advantages for both countries." -- Dan Goldin, on the cooperative agreement between the United States and Russia. NASA Text

1971 - Luna 18 launched. A Soviet mission to collect lunar samples.  It impacted the Moon on September 11 and communication was immediately lost.

1970 - NASA announces the cancellation of two Apollo missions to the Moon, Apollo 15 (the designation is re-used by a later mission), and Apollo 19.

1969 - Analyses of the radioactive decay of Argon 40 and Neon 21 in two lunar samples from Apollo 11 indicated that the minimum age of the part of the Sea of Tranquillity from which the samples were obtained was about 3.1 billion years - plus or minus 200 million years.

1948 - Birth of Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist Astronaut, Teacher in Space.  Died January 28, 1986 in Challenger explosion (STS-51_L), 73 seconds after launch.

1859 - A solar super storm  when auroras appeared as far south as the Caribbean, magnetic compasses were inoperable and telegraph systems failed.  See slide show here.

1804 - Karl Harding's Discovery of Asteroid 3 Juno
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