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September 5

1984 STS-41-D: The Space Shuttle Discovery lands after its maiden voyage.

1977  - Voyager 1 launched:  The Voyager Project was initially approved in May 1972. At a cost of $860 million US dollars (to the Neptune flyby) the mission was bargain considering the vast return of data and new knowledge of the outer Solar System.

Canada flag1963 - The Martlet 3A gun-launched rocket program began in the spring of 1963 with test flights beginning in September. Early Martlet 3A test flights were less then successful. At launch loads of 5000-6000 gs the rocket motor fuel grain would fail. The Martlet 3A set a world record as the largest rocket launched from a gun.

Canada flag 1959 - Launch at the Churchill Range of the first truly Canadian sounding rocket, the Black Brant 1, built by Bristol Aerospace of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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