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New York City as seen from the International Space Station
New York City as seen from the
International Space Station.

James Jeans
James Jeans

September 11

2001 - 9/11 - International terrorists use passenger jets as weapons of mass destruction and hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Manhattan and the Pentagon.  Crew aboard the International Space Station give us the view from space.

1985 - ICE, the International Cometary Explorer, makes the first ever comet tail transverse, a flyby of comet 21/PGiacobini-Zinner. The science mission goal was to study the interaction between the solar wind and a cometary atmosphere. 

1877 - Sir James Jeans birthday, English astronomical theoretician. In the first decade of this century Jeans worked out the fundamentals of gravitational collapse processes, which are of relevance to the formation of solar systems, stars, and galaxies.
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