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Soyuz TMA 16 Mission Patch
Soyuz-TMA-16 Mission Patch

Willy Lea
Willy Lea

October 2

2009 - Expedition 21 Flight Engineers Jeff Williams and Max Suraev along with spaceflight participant Guy Laliberte arrive at the International Space Station.

2009 - The Herschel Space Observatory (ESA) releases the first composite image of an area near the Galactic Plane, in the constellation of the Southern Cross.

1962 - Explorer 14: USA. Payload: EPE B (S-3A). Mass: 40 kg (88 lb). Class: Solar. Decay Date: 1964-12-31. Magnetosphere studies.

1935 - American Museum of Natural History - Hayden Planetarium founded. New York City

1906- Born in Berlin, Germany  Willey Lea, American Space Writer and rocketeer.

1901- Born in Windsor, Missouri:  Charles Stark Draper referred to as "the father of inertial navigation" who directed the design and build of the Apollo Guidance Computer.
Soyuz from ISS
Soyuz from ISS

Herschel Image
Herschel Image: ESA and the SPIRE & PACS consortia
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