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Julie Payette
Happy Birthday and Happy Next Orbit, Julie!

first photo from space
First photo from space

October 20

1963 - Birthday, Julie Payette - Canadian Space Agency Astronaut, Julie flew on STS 96 and STS 127.

1972 - Death of Harlow Shapley at Boulder, Colorado. He was 86. Shapely is noted for his ground breaking work with Cepheid variables to estimate the size of the Milky Way Galaxy. Also, he is known for proposing the "Liquid Water Belt" theory, now known as the "habitable zone." 'Theories crumble, but good observations never fade.'

1946 - The first photo from space was taken from a V-2 launched by US scientists.
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It is my conclusion that human evolution and the motions of matter in space are intrinsically linked. The observation and understanding of the complexity of biological history on Earth cannot be complete without the tandem observation and understanding of a dynamic greater cosmos. - SpaceGene