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Expedition 42 Poster
lunokhod 1
Lunokhod 1, lunar rover.

November 10

2014 - Expedition 42 begins with the undocking of Soyuz TMA-13M, returning the crew of Expedition 41 to Earth.

maple leaf1972 - Anik A-1 launched and Canada becomes the first country with a domestic communications satellite in geostationary orbit.. This satellite was a telecommunications satellite weighing approximately 281 kg in a geostationary orbit with an anticipated life of seven years. It was about 1.83 m in diameter and 3.35 m high. The satellite communication system provided for 12 RF channels, two of which were protection channels for the 10 traffic carrying channels. Up-link transmission was the 5.925- to 6.425-gHz band, and the down link operated in the 3.7- to 4.2-gHz band. Telemetry, tracking, and command functions required for satellite station keeping and positioning were also provided in those frequency bands. Agency Telesat Canada Ltd., Ottawa/Canada (NASA)

1970 - The Soviet Lunar probe Lunokhod 1 is launched. It lands on the moon November 17 and has 322 days of operation, travelling over 6.55 miles and returning more than 20,000 images.

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