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Image of Farside
Image of Farside

Europa as seen from 
Galileo spacecraft

February 1

2012- Grail returns first mission video from the Moon's farside.

2003 - 10:28 AM EST: Shortly before concluding it's 28th mission, Space Shuttle Columbia broke up as it reentered Earth's atmosphere. Contact was lost with Space Shuttle Columbia at 9:00 AM EST as Columbia was passing over Texas at an altitude of 200,000 feet, travelling around 12,500 mph (Mach 6). The cause of the disaster was damage sustained to the left wing when foam insulation broke off from the external fuel tank at launch.

1999 - Galileo Spacecraft flyby Europa number 19.

1958 - Explorer I, U.S. first artificial satellite was launched at 10:48 P.M. from Cape Canaveral. It transmitted data on micrometeorites and cosmic radiation for 105 days. This science mission resulted in the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts.
The crew of STS-107
The crew of STS-107: L to R:
 Brown, Husband, Clark Chawla,
 Andersonn, McCool, Ramon

Columbia Memorial at Arlington Cemetery
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