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Apollo 8 launch

December 21

2015 - SpaceX makes history, becoming the first company to successfully return a booster stage of an orbital launch vehicle to Earth for a propulsive landing atop an earth-based, flat concrete pad.

1999 - Hughes Space and Communications Company''s (HSC) HS 702 satellites, Galaxy XI is launched, it is the world's largest commercial communications satellite with 64 transponders and more than 10 kilowatts of power at end of life. 

- Vega 2 Launch (Soviet Comet Halley/Venus Mission)

- Apollo 8 launch. William A. Anders, James A. Lovell, Jr., and Frank Borman became the first men to leave Earth's gravity. This mission provided the first close-up view of the lunar surface and of the Moon's backside. Mission duration: 6 Days, 3 hours, 0 min, 42 seconds.
spacex lands falcon 9
Space X Falcon 9 makes historic landing.

Apollo 8 Mission Patch
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