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john bahcall
John Bahcall
Happy Birthday!

December 30

2000 - Cassini's Jupiter Millennial Flyby  Cassini flys to 9,721,846 kilometers from Jupiter's cloud tops as it gets a gravitational assist for the last leg of its journey to Saturn (2004). Circumstances puts both the Cassini and Galileo missions at Jupiter for close-up science work at the same time. Cassini takes pictures and sounds of Jupiter, it also measures Jovian Type III bursts.

1958 Happy Birthday! Steven Smith, American engineer and astronaut.

1953 Happy Birthday! Daniel T. Barry, American engineer and astronaut.

1932 - John N. Bahcall's Birthday. American astrophysicist best known for his co-development of the Hubble Space Telescope and his contributions to the solar neutrino problem.
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