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1984 - STS 41 EVA with a MMU

sts 98 patch
2001 - STS 98 Mission Patch

1999 - Stardust launch

February 7

2013 - International Space Station - Chris Hadfield discusses life as an astronaut/human with Captain Kirk, Canadian-born actor William Shatner. And Q&A with The Canadian Space Agency.(26 minutes)

2007 - Ulysses passes 204 million miles below Sol's southern pole.

2005 - Penn State’s Alex Wolszczan, the discoverer in 1992 of the first planets ever found outside our solar system, and Caltech’s Maciej Konacki discovered the smallest planet yet detected, in that same far-away planetary system.Read more:

2001 - STS-98 Launched. Atlantis shuttle launches with the "Destiny" module for the International Space Station. The sunset launched is described by many seasoned observers as one of the most beautiful launches ever seen. 

1999 - STARDUST Delta 2 Launch (Comet Sample Return Mission). Stardust will visit CometWild-2 in 2004 and capture bits of comet using aerogel. The spacecraft will return to Earth in 2006. "Wild-2 is a relatively dim and new arrival to the inner solar system. Until recently it circled the sun in an orbit between Jupiter and Uranus, but everything changed in September 1974 whenWild-2 passed within 0.006 AU of Jupiter. That encounter with the giant planet, at only 10 times the distance which fragmented P/Shoemaker-Levy9 in 1994, altered Wild-2's orbit so that its closest approach to the sun now lies just inside the orbit of Mars." (Nasa Science News) 

1991- Salyut-7 burns up in Earth's atmosphere, overshooting it's target and reentering over Argentina, scattering some of its debris over the town of Capitan Bermudez.

1984 - STS-41-B Mission – Astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make the first untethered space walk using the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU).

1979 Pluto moves inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either was discovered.

1889 - The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is founded in San Francisco. It is the first US national astronomy organization.
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