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February 9

2008STS 122 Atlantis docks with International Space Station.

2004 - The narrow angle camera onboard the Cassini spacecraft took a series of exposures of Saturn and its rings and moons, which were composited to create this stunning, color image. At the time, Cassini was 69.4 million kilometers (43.1 million miles) from Saturn, less than half the distance from Earth to the Sun. The image contrast and colors have been slightly enhanced to aid visibility. The smallest features visible in this image are approximately 540 kilometers across (336 miles).

1971 - Apollo 14 returns to Earth after the third manned moon landing.

1975 The Soyuz 17 Soviet spacecraft returns to Earth. 1913 - The Great Meteor Procession was visible along eastern North America and as far south as Brazil. Astronomer Clarence Chant, concluded that as all accounts were positioned along a great circle arc, the source had been a small, short-lived natural satellite of the Earth. (wiki)
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