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First image of Asteroid Eros
from NEAR/Shoemaker
first orbit

February 14

2002 - Mars Odyssey turns on its science instruments;  a camera system, a gamma ray spectrometer and a radiation environment monitor.  During subsequent testing the radiation monitor was found to have a computer failure but the Earth bound team solved the problem.

2000 - NEAR achieves orbit around asteroid 433 Eros and becomes the first spacecraft to successfully lock into orbit around an asteroid

1990 - The cameras of Voyager 1 pointed back toward the sun and took a series of pictures of the sun and the planets, making the first ever " portrait" of our solar system as seen from the outside.

1898 - Fritz Zwicky's birthday, who 1st identified supernovae as a separate class of objects and suggested the possibility of neutron stars; Zwicky also catalogued galaxies in clusters and designed jet engines.
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