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Dragon launch
Dragon launch

STS 109 patch><br>
STS 109 Patch

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March 1

2013 - SpaceX CRS-2 Dragon launches from Cape Canaveral on a mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

2002 - Launch of STS-109 Hubble Telescope Servicing Mission 3B.

1982 - The Soviet Venera 13 sends back the first color photos of Venus. (Venera 14 followed w/more photos 4 days later.) Venera 13 was launched on 30 October 1981 and Venera 14 was launched on 4 November 1981.
Venera 13 sends pictures.
Venera 13 Sends Pictures

1966 - Venera 3 (USSR) becomes the first probe to impact on another planet, namely Venus, but the probe failed just before arriving at the planet and returned no data.

George Abell1927 - George Abell's birthday, who catalogued 2712 clusters of galaxies of the Palomar Sky Survey (1949-1958) and determined the relative numbers of galaxies with various intrinsic brightness. He also discovered how cluster luminosity could be used as a distance scale. He died in 1983. "As a teacher, Abell was outstanding. A brilliant and forceful lecturer, he emphasized that the cornerstone of science teaching is to present how we know what we know, rather than just to present facts--whose amazing and sensational character may entertain but not really enlighten the listener."

1870 - Eugène Michel Antoniadi, born on this day in Constantinople, was a Greek astronomer, who spent most of his life in France when invited there by Camille Flammarion. Antoniadi became a highly reputed observer of Mars, and at first supported the notion of Martian canals, but after using the telescope at Meudon Observatory during the 1909 opposition of Mars, he came to the conclusion that canals were an optical illusion.

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