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Halley's Comet
Giotto snaps Halley's Comet.

Joseph Fraunhofer

March 6

2015 - After orbiting Vesta for 14 months in 2011 and 2012, Dawn arrives at Ceres.

2011 - Cassini spacecraft captures lightning strike within a huge storm on Saturn.

2012- GRAILS twin spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, begin science mission mapping the gravity of the Moon.

1986 - March 6 - 14 First comet flybys, VEGA 1 and Giotto (360 mi.) at Halley's Comet. Click Here for Animation

1787 - Joseph Fraunhofer's birthday(1787- 1826), pioneer German spectroscopist, namesake of the prominent absorption lines in the sun's spectrum. 
Ceres at Dawn
Ceres at Dawn

saturn storm
Lightning strike on Saturn (left)
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