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Shuttle Mission Patch

sts 119 Mission Patch
STS 119 Mission Patch

March 15

2009 - STS 119 Discovery launch on a mission to ISS

2004 - Sloan Digital Sky Survey releases 6 terabytes of data.

1972 - On January 5th, President Richard M. Nixon had announced that NASA would proceed with the development of a reusable low cost space shuttle system.On this day, NASA announces it would use two solid propellant rocket motors for the space system based on studies that showed that the solid rocket system offered lower development cost and lower technical risk.

1932 - Birthday, Alan LaVern Bean, American astronaut, born in Wheeler, Texas, U.S. Member of 1963 NASA Group. He went to the Moon aboard Apollo 12 and spent 59 days aboard Skylab in 1973. Time in space: 69d 15h 45m.

1713 - Nicolas Lacaille's birthday. Student of Cassini. His precise measurements confirmed the Earth's equatorial bulge. He returned from South African astronomy expedition and named fourteen  southern constellations. He died at age 49 on March 21, 1762. His honors are many. On Earth, and in space, many places bear his name.

Alan Bean on the Moon
Alan Bean

Alan Bean in his Studio
Alan Bean
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