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March 22

2010 - After 2208 Martian days, the last communication from Mars Rover Spirit was relayed. The rover never woke up from the Mars winter and the mission end was announced on May 25, 2011. 

1997 The Comet Hale-Bopp has its closest approach to Earth.

1996 - STS-76 Atlantis launches. Its mission is the third docking with Space Station Mir when Shannon Lucid, USA, is transferred to Mir and becomes the first woman ever to crew a Space Station.  

1995 - Cosmonaut Valeriy Polyakov returns to Earth after setting a new space endurance record of 438 days aboard Space Station Mir.

1982 - STS-3 Launched.  Jack R. Lousma, Commander; C. Gordon Fullerton, Pilot.  Testing continued of Shuttle systems for qualification for operational flights. Testing of remote manipulator system. Problems encountered: space sickness, malfunctioning toilet, thermostat difficulty and unexplained static interfering with crew sleep. Auxiliary power unit registered overheating during ascent, but functioned properly during descent. Three communications links lost.

1799 - F.W.A. Argelander's Birthday, compiler of star catalogues who studied variable stars and created the first international astronomical organization.

Spirit captures Mars sunset
Spirit Rover captures a Martian Sunset.
sts 76 mission patch
STS76 Mission Patch

polyakov looks out the window of MIR
Valeriy Polyakov looks out Mir's window to a departing STS 63

STS 3 Mission Patch
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