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Bacillus infernus was discovered by Dr. David Boone in a deep drilling project in Virginia.

April 3

2002 - Life in Rocks in Space.  NASA scientist Friedemann Freund confirms that sufficient levels of "hydrogen food" are available to a community of Archaea surviving without sunlight or organics deep in the rock of our planet and perhaps other rocks in space.

2002 - Uganda - Eight glowing objects flew across the skies. Local people feared it was an attack from neighboring Congo. The UPDF spokesman, Major Shaban Bantariza of the army confirmed that the objects were meteorites, "rocks falling onto the earth from the outer space." But the next day the falling rocks prove to be space junk.

1966 - USSR - First lunar orbiter, Luna 10 was put into a selenocentric orbit and becomes the Moon's first man-made satellite. Launched March 31, 1966 it fulfilled its mission and returned valuable data on gamma-emissions from the lunar surface and rocks.
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It is my conclusion that human evolution and the motions of matter in space are intrinsically linked. The observation and understanding of the complexity of biological history on Earth cannot be complete without the tandem observation and understanding of a dynamic greater cosmos. - SpaceGene